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Instruction - Series 2000

Program Development and Resources

2000      Student Learning Goals

2004      Accountability Goals 

2005      School Improvement Plans 

2020      Curriculum Development and Adoption of Insructional Materials 

2022      Electronic Resources

2024      Online Learning 

2025      Copyright Compliance 

2027      District Ownership of Staff Created Work 

2029      Animals as Part of the Instructional Program 

2034      Service Animals in Schools

2090      Program Evaluation 


Learning Programs And Supports

2100     Educational Opportunities for Children

2104      Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs

2106      Program Compliance

2108      Learning Assistance Program

2110      Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program

2126      AIDS Prevention Education

2145      Suicide PreventionSuicide Prevention

2150     CoCurricular Program 

2151      Interscholastic Activities

2161      Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students

     Procedure: Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students

2162      Education of Students with Disabilities under Section 504

2165      Home or Hospital Instruction

2190      Highly Capable Programs


School Organization

2255      Alternative Learning Experience Programs


Program Supplements

2320      Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education

2333      Flag Exercises

2336      Required Observances

             (Veterans Day, Constitution Day and Temperance and Good Citizenship Day)

2337      Disability History Month

2340      Religious-Related Activities and Practices


 Requirements and Assessments

2414 Community Service

2420      Grading and Progress Reports

2421      Promotion and Retention

2422      Homework