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Pesticide Notification

Pesticide Notification

Orondo School District uses different types of pesticides to control weeds around the school grounds. To stay in compliance with the pesticide law enacted July 2002 the school district has adopted the following Pesticide Policy.


Orondo School District uses the following pesticides:


Round Up is used on a regular basis to help with the control of weeds around fence lines, playfield perimeters, cracks in asphalt and concrete, gravel parking lots, and around the perimeter of buildings.


Hardball is used with Round Up to control poison ivy on the east side of the playground.


Casoron-4G is used in a granular form to control weeds in shrub beds across the front of the elementary buildings Application rate is one time per year.


Ant and Roach Bait Stations are used to control ants and cockroaches as needed throughout the school district buildings. These two items are purchased at the local hardware store and will not be placed in reach of children therefore they do not fall under the notification guidelines.


Termidor SC Termiticide is a pesticide used to control ants outdoors and is sprayed around the elementary building foundation twice per year.


All for the above products are used according to label specifications registered by the EPA and are labeled for use in school applications and are registered in the state of Washington.


Contracted Pest Services: The Orondo School District has a contract with an outside contractor, who applies some of the above applications. The Contractor will call the district in advance of any visits so the proper notification can be posted.


Pesticide Notification Posting: Orondo School District will post notifications of pesticide application 48 hrs in advance of the intended application date and time, in a prominent place by the entrance to the main office of the elementary school where the application is to occur. Orondo School District has 48 hrs from the intended application time to apply the product. Orondo School district will post in the office area and at the site for emergency applications of wasp and bee control on playground areas.


Records of Pesticide use: Records of pesticide application will be kept on file at the Orondo School Elementary Office and can be readily available by request by contacting the District Office at 784-2443.