Bus routes were updated 8/23/2022 with the most updated information.  Routes will not be updated again until Friday September 10th due to the disruption to the rest of the route and stops.  Please expect the first few weeks for buses to be running off schedule.  Students/parents should be at their stop five minutes early and be prepared for a bus to be up to ten minutes late.  For new stops or changes to a route please call the school for assistance.


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    Transportation Director: Cameron Kamphaus
    Email Address: ckamphaus@orondo.wednet.edu
    Phone Number: 784-2443
    Our goal is to transport your children to and from  school in a safe and timely manner.  We welcome your comments regarding your experience with Transportation Services. Please feel free to call or email us with a question or concern if you are unable to locate an answer within this website.
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